Welcome to Nimbler's Innovative AI Assistant - Nimbus

Nimbus: Your Strategic Partner in Marketing Excellence

Step into the future of digital marketing consultancy with Nimbus, Nimbler’s AI-driven strategist. As our front-line service operator on Kore.ai, Nimbus engages seamlessly with clients across various channels, offering tailored solutions for marketing services, proposals, and meeting bookings.

What Can Nimbus Do for You?


Get detailed answers about Nimbler’s services and personalised advice for your business.


Gain insights into the latest marketing trends, best practices, and strategies tailored to your needs.

Assist with Proposals

Navigate through Nimbler’s proposal process with ease, addressing any inquiries or concerns.

Strategy Development

Collaborate with Nimbus to create a robust marketing strategy.

Schedule Meetings

Book meetings with the Nimbler team effortlessly through Nimbus.

Your Journey with Nimbus: A Quick Guide

Guidelines for Interacting with Nimbus

Engage with Nimbus effectively by asking specific questions and providing relevant context. Your feedback on Nimbus’s responses is invaluable for continuous improvement and delivering exceptional service.

Experience the Nimbler Difference

With Nimbus as your dedicated strategic partner, embark on a journey towards marketing success with confidence. Start now and discover how Nimbler’s expertise can transform your marketing strategy into a foundation for growth.