Corporate Secretaries International Association

The mission of the Corporate Secretaries International Association (CSIA) is to create a global profession that develops, grows and promotes best practice in corporate secretarial, corporate governance and compliance services by improving professional standards, the quality of governance practice and organizational performance.

Nimbler has been working with CSIA for years, and we handle all their marketing and branding needs. We assisted them with their last website, and have recently completed the next iteration. By walking hand in hand during this time, with quarterly evaluation sessions and intense collaboration, we were able to elevate and intensify their content marketing, increase website visits and engagements multifolds, professionalise their brand image and even contribute to the way the organisation handles the different topics. We also handle all their advertising, which mainly centres around events, through social media channels.

Following our recommendation we also implemented a Marketing Automation solution that guides subscribers from their first visit all the way through to the desired outcome, getting more people involved in the association. We do that through a series of carefully timed emails.

CSIA also benefitted from Nimbler’s Apprentice programme, which means we placed a Communication Trainee in their organisation to become a bridge between Nimbler and CSIA. As we go into our fourth year together, we are proud to continue serving this association as their primary marketing and branding partner.

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