Mota Africa

Mota Africa provides its clients with bespoke legal, tax and Intellectual property solutions across multiple sectors in Africa. Through their unrivaled experience and deep local understanding of the markets in which they operate, they provide their clients with the certainty and comfort necessary to do business in the beautiful continent of Africa.

In recent years we have seen Mota Attorneys grow into the law firm it is today. We developed their previous website and have been handling their online marketing for years. When they approached us to help them take the next major leap we jumped on the chance. The challenge was to elevate a local law firm to a reputable pan-African firm that works with some of the biggest brands on the continent.

Their renaming and new logo put the focus on being an Africa specialist, and we advised them on their brand strategy to create different specialised divisions within the company for Law, Tax and IP. As a result their traffic and conversions have increased multifold, and they are now able to target a more international audience looking to position or litigate in African markets.

Mota Africa exemplifies our approach, where we over the years managed to forge a close partnership. We meet regularly to discuss their goals and strategy, and align our approach to marketing and advertising. We also assist them with implementation of new technology in the firm, including a proposal solution and marketing automation solution. That takes the pressure off their Sales and Marketing roles, and still allows them to nurture their leads over long periods of time, as is necessary for this type of corporate audience.

In their words

This is what Mota Africa’s Founder and Director had to say about our collaboration:

“Mota Africa has had the pleasure of working with Nimbler since we launched our business in 2014. From the very beginning, the team at Nimbler took the time to properly understand our business and its unique needs. They provided valuable insights and strategies which helped us to reach our target audiences and increase our brand awareness. Their approach was tailored to our specific goals and budget, and they consistently exceeded our expectations with their results.”