The end of… Website Navigation Menus

The end of… Website Navigation Menus

Don’t you hate it when you go to a company’s website looking for a specific product or service and you are forced to work your way through everything they offer? Well, so we were at Nimbler. Many of our clients offer different products or services to different groups of people. They know who needs what, but up to now we forced website visitors to go through everything to find what they needed.


New Website Structure

Rather than structuring your website according to your product or service categories, or even the benefits to your customers, why not structure your website in relation to your audiences? That’s what we did for our own website, as well as FunctionAbility and Amakari. They are both excellent examples of companies doing many things for different audiences. So when you enter their website you are first asked to select which group you belong to. Once we know that, we can present you with only the relevant information.


The Benefits

There’s a lot of benefits to this approach. Take FunctionAbility as an example, they offer Occupational Therapy services to individuals like you and I, but also work for organisations. Moreover, recruitment is very important to them, so they are also marked as an audience right from the start. Presenting the same narrative, imagery and call-to-action to these three audiences would make no sense.


Careful Planning is Key

This approach requires extra careful planning since each potential visitor should feel like they belong to a clear audience, and then be presented with the information they were looking for. So there should be no overlap between audiences, and the information presented should include all facets (what, why, how and who).


Menu Navigation

This approach essentially allows any business to do away with an extensive menu. After all, when you know who you’re speaking to, and you know what they want, then one webpage is all you need. The various sections on the page may link to other pages, but all the information to take a purchase decision should be present along with clear calls-to-action.

Interested in developing your new website using this innovative approach? Then speak to our team for a proposal.