The Power of the Edge of Chaos

The Power of the Edge of Chaos

It is at the very edge of chaos that our minds focus; in war, danger, uncertainty and stress. It is then, when we have no choice but to adapt to survive, when the ideas and opportunities present themselves that end up changing the face of our civilisation. It is when our lives and businesses are upside down, that we change direction and pace, and start to move into a different direction.

“The ‘truly creative changes’ and the ‘big shifts’ occur right at the edge of chaos.”

– Dr. Robert Bilder

Business at the edge of chaos

It is all too easy to become complacent and stop innovating in your business when things run smoothly. However, when an external and unexpected threat like COVID-19, and the resulting economic impact, threaten the future of your business you are forced to adapt and innovate to survive. They are a test of entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness. Those who sit and wait for the storm to pass will be left behind.

As this virus spreads and the economic and broader societal impact slowly becomes clear, we are forced to examine all part of our business. The implementation of cloud technology is playing a huge role in keeping businesses running; allowing people to continue communicating and collaborating effectively, access data securely, be monitored for productivity, and of course continue providing their services to customers.

Marketing at the edge of chaos

While for virtually all businesses the virus outbreak is a major threat and serious concern, many other businesses seek to profit by anticipating the changing environment and adapting to it. They look at their business model and find ways to innovate in a way that eliminates the need for physical contact and/or provide a product or service for which demand has spiked.

While speaking to clients over the past few weeks we have discussed a variety of measures they are taking or considering, such as: eliminating showrooms, shops and other physical locations; eliminating physical collections or drop-offs; providing education through eLearning solutions; eliminating physical consultations and meetings in favour of virtual ones; implement extensive sets of technology to operate the business remotely; and developing self-service portals and mobile apps to interface with clients efficiently.

Sprinting at the edge of chaos

As fast as the impact of the virus is spreading is how fast the business environment is changing. Every day new measures are taken, restricting people’s movement further, making it increasingly difficult to conduct ‘business as usual’. In this volatile, unpredictable environment it is important to be ready to take decisions at that same pace, and adapt to the changing environment.

Nimbler is perfectly set up to quickly assist you with marketing and branding requirements. Our sprint approach allows you to set up entire new brands, with everything from a new logo and website to online marketing campaigns, in a matter of days. Most of our sprints take just 1 or 2 weeks to complete, allowing you to adapt in accordance with rapidly changing market conditions to stay competitive.