World Earth Day 2021

World Earth Day 2021

As the pace of climate change increases so does our responsibility for protecting our only home for future generations. As such, Earth Day is becoming more important than ever. Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on 22 April and many important environmental events have taken place on this day, most recently the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement. Every year this day unifies us for one cause: protecting our planet.

For Earth Day NIMBLER is doing its part to become carbon neutral by the end of the year 2022. To be carbon neutral means that you or your business has a net-zero of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon neutrality is achieved either by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions or by eliminating emissions entirely.

To become a carbon neutral company, there are 3 steps to follow:

1. Measure

Measure your carbon dioxide emissions. Identifying all aspects of your business which produce a carbon footprint is step one, alongside determining your annual carbon dioxide emissions and where in your business they occur.

2. Reduce

Reduce your carbon dioxide emissions. Understanding your carbon footprint leads to knowing where you can reduce it. Through more efficient operations and energy efficient technology, in-house impact can be decreased. When you’re a business using a supply chain, the supply chain’s carbon emissions will be more difficult to reduce, but it can be done through switching to suppliers offering greener energy sources and materials.

3. Offset

Offset your carbon dioxide emissions. It might not be possible to decrease emissions to zero immediately in one go, but it doesn’t mean that reducing your carbon dioxide emissions won’t have a positive effect. Another way to reach carbon neutrality is to offset your carbon dioxide emissions. Some companies opt to plant trees or protect forests as well as support renewal energy stations.

Through the years we have slowly become more eco-friendly, for example by going paperless, carefully selecting suppliers and eliminating travel to an office. Although carbon neutrality is the ultimate goal, there are lots of smaller things you as an individual can do to protect our planet – the largest one being to cut down on the uses of non-biodegradable plastics (such as carrying fabric shopping bags in your car), opting to use your own takeaway mug, and swopping your plastic straw for a metal one. You can also swop your toothbrush for one made out of bamboo and start using bars of soap to eliminate the need for plastic bottles.

We don’t need a small number of perfectly eco-friendly people; we need a lot of people to be imperfectly eco-friendly to make a large impact. So you don’t have to be the epitome of eco-friendliness; rather make lots of small changes in different areas in your life and get others to do the same.

Happy Earth Day 2021!