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Embrace Flexibility and Innovation

Joining Nimbler means becoming part of a vibrant and fun team that values flexibility and results over traditional office hours. We champion remote work, allowing our team members to thrive in environments that suit them best, focusing on productivity and outcomes rather than time spent behind a desk. At the heart of our operations is a holacracy model, a method of decentralised management and organisational governance, where decision-making is distributed to teams and roles rather than through a traditional management hierarchy. This approach fosters autonomy, encourages innovation, and allows everyone to contribute to the direction of the company.

Developing Skills in a Supportive Environment

Grow and Excel with Us

At Nimbler, we are committed to nurturing your professional growth in a supportive environment. You’ll have the opportunity to work on real projects for our clients, collaborating with industry veterans who are eager to share their knowledge and insights. We provide access to a wide range of training courses to help you develop your skills further. Our focus on versatility means you’ll be encouraged to explore different roles within the company, making your work life more dynamic and enriching. This approach ensures that you become multi-deployable, enhancing your ability to contribute across various aspects of our projects and increasing the variety in your daily tasks.

A Unique Apprenticeship Programme for Emerging Marketers

Launch Your Career with Nimbler

Our Apprenticeship Programme is specifically designed for marketing and communication students or recent graduates who are keen to gain practical experience. It’s an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in the client side of marketing communications, under the guidance of Nimbler’s experienced team. Apprentices are integrated into our client partnerships, acting as a vital link between the client and Nimbler. This hands-on experience aims to accelerate your growth into a competent Marketing Manager, equipped with both the theoretical knowledge from your degree and the invaluable industry experience gained through direct involvement in our projects.