Considered Finance: Securely Optimising the Future of Finance

Considered Finance stands as a beacon in the crypto financial sector, providing tailored risk management solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges on an international scale. Renowned for innovation and high-quality services, Considered Finance envisions a future where it is hailed as the best-in-class risk management service for perpetual derivatives exchanges. Nimbler Marketing takes on the challenge to fortify Considered Finance’s brand and reputation through strategic marketing and design.

Goals & Objectives

Charting a Course to Excellence

Considered Finance’s medium to long-term goal is to solidify its position as the premier risk management service for perpetual derivatives exchanges. To achieve this, objectives focus on creating a reputable storefront that communicates the brand effectively and establishing brand awareness through content marketing. The identified audience, predominantly in their late 20s or 30s, includes crypto exchanges seeking risk management assistance and a broader international audience interested in the intersection of technology and finance.

Our Approach

Securing Success through Strategic Design

Nimbler Marketing aligns with Considered Finance’s core values of service over-delivery. The marketing strategy encompasses the development of a professional storefront via a meticulously designed website. The primary call-to-action is subscribing to the newsletter, supplemented by secondary CTAs of social media followers and contact form submissions. Content marketing, focused on outreach and referrals, becomes the cornerstone for establishing a suitable brand in the crypto finance domain. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business are strategically chosen for organic reach and brand awareness.

The Results

From Concept to Conversion, Crafting Success

Considered Finance’s website becomes a virtual bastion, effectively communicating its brand values and offerings. The treemap in the UX Concept streamlines user journeys, ensuring a seamless experience from the first visit to conversion. Brand assets like email signatures, document templates, and the brand guide further solidify the brand’s identity. The UI Designs & Web Development ensure a website that not only looks impressive but also functions seamlessly, catering to users across devices. User Journeys in Marketing Automation nurture leads, presenting content in a personalised manner. Social media management on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business cultivates a growing following, boosting brand awareness. The launch marks the beginning of Considered Finance’s enhanced online presence, supported by ongoing website updates, maintenance, social media management, graphic design, and marketing automation.