Mastering the Art of Accounting with Greenpen

Greenpen’s passion for accounting is their driving force on the journey to mastery in their field. Nimbler collaborated with them in developing a unique brand identity, a professionally crafted website, and an effective online marketing strategy. We also worked alongside Jet Black London to create an engaging video that brought Greenpen’s brand story to life.

Goals & Objectives

Crafting a Professional, Artistic Brand Identity

The core objective was to highlight Greenpen’s mastery in accounting with a brand identity that was professional yet artistic. The ultimate goal was to stand out in a highly competitive industry by establishing a brand that speaks of Greenpen’s dedication, reliability, and unique positioning within the market.

Our Approach

From Branding to Video Production - A Full Spectrum Service

Nimbler started with creating Greenpen’s brand identity, choosing colours and images that encapsulated the company’s value as masters in the art of accounting. The prominent use of green in the branding symbolized the company’s reliability and uniqueness. This brand strategy was carried forward to design Greenpen’s website, demonstrating their professionalism and quality of services. The engagement also included writing a script and creating a video that drew parallels between the art and accounting, used for video advertising. Nimbler continues to manage Greenpen’s social media presence and online advertising, sharing relevant industry content and running a successful Youtube campaign.

The Results

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Client Engagement

Our multi-pronged approach successfully elevated Greenpen’s brand identity and visibility. The new brand resonated with their audience, reflecting Greenpen’s commitment to quality accounting services. The website redesign, ongoing social media content, and the engaging video advertising campaign have helped Greenpen achieve significant brand awareness. The “Tax Bites” blog series further drove client engagement, positioning Greenpen as a reliable resource for tax advice. The results testify to the success of a well-executed, comprehensive digital marketing strategy.