How We Create Magic

At Nimbler we create magic by, designing, developing, listening, managing, measuring, evaluating, optimising, collaborating, innovating, ideating, planning, strategising, and conceptualising, this is our approach, Nimbler’s approach.

To see if we are a good match, we always start with a Discovery Call. If your needs are clear, we draft a thorough proposal, and if not, we start with a strategy session. To ensure that expectations and outcomes are in line we draw a Roadmap with your goals and strategy.

Prior to creating anything, we conceptualise the project in three ways: the visuals in the Design Concept, the written word in the Content Concept, and the user flow and structure in the UX Concept. Together, They provide us with all we require. 

Once the concepts have been approved, we begin creating the materials required to position and market your company. It typically includes resources like stationery, brochures, website, adverts, social media profiles, videos and more.

We can launch your new brand and utilise all of the available platforms, including social media and search engines, to reach your audience once we have all the assets we require in hand. In this phase, we rely on data to make decisions and focus on results.

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