Nimbler’s Apprenticeship Programme

At Nimbler we like to provide work curated and tailored for our clients. Through the apprenticeship program, we believe can strengthen our relationship with our clients, which informs our content, creating a body of work truly reflective of our clients and their respective vision and mission.

The apprentice becomes a bridge between the client organisation and Nimbler, with a focus on ideating, researching and writing content. That content is then passed along to the Nimbler team to create deliverables like web pages, blog posts, social posts, email campaigns, and more. That means quality control still lies with Nimbler, while the apprentice focuses on curating the input we require to market the business.

Who is the Nimbler Apprenticeship Programme for?

People who have trained in the general business, marketing or communication field. We find that it means you are a good fit to train for a role as Strategist, Account Manager or Project Manager. These roles require a lot of experience, from both the client and agency perspective, and the Apprenticeship Programme is designed to provide you with both.

What does an Apprentice do?

The Apprentice serves as a bridge between the client and Nimbler. You sit, formally, on the client side in the role of a Marketing Associate or Communication Trainee. In that role you are responsible for managing the project within the client’s organisation, and become the main contact for Nimbler, which may involve gathering or writing content, gathering and organising feedback, organising meetings with stakeholders and other crucial tasks that bridge the gap between Nimbler and our client. On Nimbler’s side you serve in the role of Trainee, allowing us to get you involved in projects where possible.

What sort of organisation would I work for? And how?

We normally place an Apprentice within larger client organisations, and try to match the Apprentice’s interests, position and skills with those the organisation requires.

How long is the placement for?

The duration depends on the needs of the client, as well as the availability of the Apprentice. If the programme is used for a college or university internship or traineeship, we try to match the Apprenticeship Contract with the hours required. Our objective, however, is to place you within the client’s organisation permanently – our ultimate goal is to forge a strong connection between Nimbler and the client.

What are the benefits to me? Will I get paid?

Since we have to train and supervise you, we charge our clients for placing the Apprentice. We do offer the Apprentice a small remuneration, in particular if there is travel involved or if the Apprenticeship takes place over a long period of time. Other benefits include:

  • Training
  • Experience in a relevant industry
  • Experience within a digital marketing agency
  • A letter of recommendation
  • The potential for carving out a permanent position within either organisation.

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