Evolving Mota Attorneys into Mota Africa

Mota Africa, a leading pan-African provider of Legal, Tax, and Intellectual Property solutions, sought to augment their brand presence, drive more traffic to their website, and extend their reach to an international audience. In pursuit of these goals, they engaged the services of Nimbler, looking to leverage our expertise in branding, digital marketing, and lead generation.

Goals & Objectives

Refining Brand Identity and Expanding Online Reach

In partnership with Mota Africa, our key objectives were multifaceted. First and foremost, we aimed to refine Mota Africa’s brand strategy and identity, tailoring it to resonate strongly with their target African audience while maintaining an overarching sense of professionalism. Next, we sought to translate this newly refined brand strategy into a search engine optimized website, serving as a platform for engaging potential clients and generating leads. In addition to this, we set out to manage comprehensive online marketing campaigns across all channels, with the aim of amplifying Mota Africa’s brand awareness and attracting new clientele. Lastly, our ambition was to elevate Mota Africa’s visibility in search engine results, positioning them as a leading contender in their industry.

Our Approach

Transforming Brand Strategy into Tangible Growth

Our journey with Mota Africa began with the creation of their first brand. As the firm evolved and sought to reach greater heights, we crafted a new brand strategy and identity, encapsulating the spirit of the African audience with professional, impactful colors, imagery, and design elements. This brand identity was the foundation for the new website. Designed with search engine optimization in mind, it served as a platform for digital marketing strategies and lead generation efforts, focusing primarily on the African market. To drive brand recognition and generate quality leads, we took the reins of Mota Africa’s online marketing campaigns, managing operations across all channels. Furthermore, our expertise in SEO took center stage as we worked for over a year to improve Mota Africa’s visibility in search engine results. Our efforts expanded into Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and social media management, creating a multi-faceted approach to raising brand awareness and lead generation.

The Results

Phenomenal Growth and Industry Recognition

Our strategic and integrated approach resulted in phenomenal growth for Mota Africa. Within a year, Mota Africa achieved a significant milestone, securing a place on the first page of Google’s search results and consistently ranking in the top five for industry-specific searches. These achievements, coupled with our SEA and social media management efforts, have led to a consistent stream of qualified leads, significantly raising brand awareness. With this surge in growth and visibility, Mota Africa has established itself among South Africa’s top law firms, poised for expansion across the continent.