A Different Approach to Accounting & Auditing with Numeriq

Numeriq, a forward-thinking provider of auditing and accounting services in South Africa, is revolutionising the industry with its digital-first approach. Catering to diverse clientele that includes SMEs, large enterprises, industry associations, and nonprofits, Numeriq combines innovation, technology, and affordability with the professional acumen of their experienced auditors, accountants, and bookkeepers.

Goals & Objectives

Driving Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Tech-Integration

Our objective for the Numeriq collaboration centered around enhancing brand awareness, nurturing leads within the auditing division, and generating a consistent influx of leads for the accounting division. Additionally, a pivotal aspect of our goal was to seamlessly integrate technology within Numeriq’s sales and marketing processes, aligning with their digital-first operation model.

Our Approach

Full-Spectrum Online Marketing and Brand Development Strategy

To address Numeriq’s unique objectives, Nimbler employed a comprehensive online marketing and brand development strategy. Our approach started with developing Numeriq’s brand identity and designing their initial website, later upgraded to offer an enhanced user experience. Our online marketing strategy encompassed social media and search engine marketing, aimed at promoting brand awareness, attracting targeted leads, and fostering customer engagement. In parallel, we implemented marketing automation to streamline Numeriq’s sales process, ensuring efficient lead management and conversion. To maintain a dynamic and responsive strategy, we regularly conducted evaluation sessions, facilitating continuous refinement and enhancement of our approach. Over time, our collaboration with Numeriq evolved into a productive and congenial relationship that spans beyond business transactions.

The Results

Sustained Business Growth Across Both Divisions

Our multifaceted approach has yielded significant results for Numeriq, driving business growth across both their auditing and accounting divisions. By improving brand awareness, nurturing leads, and integrating technology into their marketing strategy, we’ve helped Numeriq solidify their position as a leading, digitally-focused service provider in their sector.