Everything Made Possible with business advisor Omne

Omne, a specialist in small business accounting and advisory, strives to demystify the financial landscape for entrepreneurs. Their core model is built on partnership, seeing themselves not merely as accountants, but allies actively participating in their clients’ business journey. Nimbler teamed up with Omne to refine their brand, optimize their online presence, and grab the attention of their target audience in a competitive space football match.

Goals & Objectives

Building a Recognisable Brand and Becoming an Industry Leader

Omne’s vision is to become a dominant player in the SME accounting and advisory industry in South Africa, the UK, and Mauritius. They aim to establish a reputable and instantly recognisable brand that resonates with their target audience. Their objective is to generate a steady flow of quality leads, retain existing clients through their relationship-based model, and be recognised as strategic partners in the journey of small businesses.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Digital Strategy for Branding and Lead Generation

At Nimbler, we worked closely with Omne to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively showcased the company’s expertise and services. We ensured an intuitive navigation system, compelling content, and a responsive layout. We also collaborated on Omne’s brand identity, designing their new logo, colour scheme, and typography. Lastly, we took on Omne’s Google Search campaign, employing diligent keyword research, content optimisation, and ad copy creation, to enhance their online visibility and drive targeted traffic.

The Results

Enhanced Brand Presence and Improved Online Visibility

Nimbler’s expertise in web design, brand design, and Google Search campaigns has resulted in a significant improvement in Omne’s online visibility, successfully positioning them as a trusted accounting provider in the market. The newly designed website has become an effective platform to showcase Omne’s services and expertise. The refined brand image accurately reflects Omne’s values and has helped them resonate strongly with their target audience. All these efforts have contributed to increasing click-through rates and quality lead generation, helping Omne stride closer to their goal of becoming a dominant player in their industry.