Empowering Africa’s Youth with Youth Bridge Trust

Youth Bridge Trust (YBT) is committed to empowering the youth of Africa, enabling them to thrive in the rapidly changing future of work and contributing to a prosperous Africa. With the skillsets required for the new economy evolving and leaving many low-skilled workers unemployed, YBT is on a mission to equip Africa’s burgeoning youth population with the knowledge and skills required for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Goals & Objectives

Boosting Brand, Web, Strategy, and Social Media Presence

Our primary objectives in collaborating with YBT centered around four crucial areas. Firstly, we aimed to increase YBT’s brand footprint, extending their reach and impact across Africa and beyond. Secondly, we sought to enhance YBT’s website, ensuring it was both user-friendly and effectively communicated their mission, objectives, and impact. Our third objective was to refine YBT’s overall strategy, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities for growth and improvement. Lastly, we aimed to bolster YBT’s presence on social media, using these platforms to engage with existing audiences and reach new ones. Each of these objectives was designed to further YBT’s mission of empowering Africa’s youth for the future of work.

Our Approach

From Strategy Consulting to Website Development

We’ve had the privilege of working with YBT for several years, offering a range of services including strategy consulting, social media marketing, search engine advertising, and website development and maintenance. We successfully applied for the Google Non-profit Programme on behalf of YBT, securing a $10k monthly ads grant and showcasing them in a program interview. We also restructured their websites to offer a better narrative for their diverse audiences.

The Results

Expanded Reach, Increased Donations, and Greater Impact

Our partnership with YBT has yielded remarkable results. They have managed to reach new audiences, secure donations, and have a significantly larger impact on Africa’s youth. Our contributions to their digital marketing strategy have played a vital role in their success, positioning YBT as a leading organisation in preparing Africa’s youth for the future of work.