Seamless IT Solutions, Uninterrupted Business Growth

bac-care, a prominent provider of IT lifecycle management services in Southern Africa, embarked on a strategic rebranding initiative to strengthen its market presence. Specialising in sustainable IT solutions, bac-care caters to medium and large enterprises seeking cost-effective maintenance services.

Goals & Objectives

Strategic Reinforcement for Market Expansion

bac-care aimed to reinforce its market position and expand its customer base within the medium to large enterprise segment in Southern Africa. The objectives were centred around enhancing brand recognition and fostering stronger client relationships.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Brand Revitalization

Nimbler partnered with bac-care to execute a comprehensive brand revitalization process, including a complete redesign of its logo, website, and brand materials. The new brand image was crafted to embody the company’s core values of client-centricity, innovation, integrity, excellence, sustainability, adaptability, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness. Our approach emphasised aligning the brand with bac-care’s core values and client-centric ethos.

The Results

Heightened Brand Recognition and Market Presence

The rebranding efforts led to a significant increase in brand recognition and market presence for bac-care. The refreshed brand identity resonated well with clients and prospects, positioning bac-care as a trusted and credible partner for IT lifecycle management services.