See Far, Go Further

Hikvision, a leading provider of security solutions in Southern Africa, sought to maintain its market leadership position through strategic initiatives. Specialising in affordable and comprehensive security products, Hikvision serves a diverse clientele.

Goals & Objectives

Strengthening Market Leadership Through Social Media Growth

Hikvision’s primary objective was to fortify its market-leading position in the medium to long term. To support this goal, the company set objectives centred around growing its social media audience through Nimbler’s expertise. This results in an increased brand visibility and engagement among security solution professionals, retailers, and distributors in Southern Africa.

Our Approach

Strategic Support for Social Media Growth

Nimbler helps Hikvision by providing design and content support for social media posts. This approach ensured that Hikvision’s visual content remained visually appealing and consistent across various platforms, attracting and retaining the attention of its target audience. Nimbler enhances Hikvision’s brand visibility and marketing efforts by designing and preparing a range of promotional materials. We craft striking vinyl stickers, banners and posters, essential tools for Hikvision’s events and promotional campaigns. These materials effectively communicate Hikvision’s core message to a broader audience, significantly amplifying the company’s market presence and brand recognition.

The Results

Increased Brand Visibility and Engagement

By leveraging strategic design support for social media content and other visual materials, Hikvision witnessed a notable increase in brand visibility and engagement among its target audience. Our collaborative efforts resulted in increased brand visibility and engagement on social media platforms, reinforcing Hikvision’s position as a market leader in the security solutions industry.