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Native Decor, a provider of innovative and sustainable timber décor to high-end consumers and corporates, partnered with us to enhance its revenue growth and profitability through Google Shopping. This case study delves into the objectives outlined by Native Decor, the approach taken with the support of Nimbler Marketing, and the resultant outcomes of the initiative.

Goals & Objectives

Driving Revenue Growth and Improving Profitability

Native Decor’s primary objective was to achieve sustainable revenue growth and enhance profitability in the medium to long term. As long standing partners with Native Decor since before their appearance on Shark Tank, we have been instrumental in facilitating the agile iterations necessary for this successful startup to reach its current stature. To support their overarching goal, Native Decor defined short to medium-term objectives focused on augmenting revenue and bolstering brand awareness.

Our Approach

Strategic Implementation of Google Shopping

Collaborating closely with Native Decor, we devised a comprehensive strategy to leverage Google Shopping as a catalyst for growth. Our approach involved meticulous research and planning to identify relevant keywords, optimise product listings, and craft captivating ad creatives. By strategically positioning Native Decor’s offerings on Google Shopping, we aimed to maximise visibility and drive qualified traffic to the website. In addition to Google Shopping, we worked on optimising website content to align with search engine algorithms. By enhancing product descriptions, titles, and metadata, we ensured that Native Decor’s offerings were easily discoverable by potential customers searching for décor solutions online. We managed Native Decor’s Google Shopping campaigns with a focus on maximising ROI. Through continuous monitoring, testing, and optimization, we fine-tuned ad performance to drive conversions and capitalise on emerging trends in the décor market.

The Results

Significant Revenue Growth and Enhanced Brand Visibility

Our collaborative efforts yielded impressive results for Native Decor. By strategically implementing Google Shopping campaigns and optimising website content, we witnessed a significant increase in revenue and brand visibility. Native Decor’s products gained traction among high-end consumers and corporates, solidifying its reputation as a premier provider of sustainable timber décor in South Africa. The strategic initiatives undertaken in partnership with Native Decor not only drove revenue growth but also had a positive impact on overall business performance. With enhanced brand recognition and increased market share, Native Decor is well-positioned for continued success and expansion in the dynamic décor industry.